Nyteria Rising Reviews

Priscilla of The Readables: “Val is on fire! Literally! Stand back, you’re in for an adventure unlike any other!”

Initial Thoughts

  1. There are no signs of slowing down for Val and her friends. Teleported from one adventure to another, my heart was racing wondering what will happen next!
  2. Sci-fi awesomeness! Nyteria Rising is ramped up with amazing science-fiction elements. Great setting, characters, and gadgets. Loved it!
  3. Very cool twists and surprises. Unexpected plot direction, and new character development made this story a page-turner.
  4. Loved the characters! More characters are introduced, and I wanted to read more of them and their back story.
  5. A new threat is introduced, and the pressure to save not one world, but two, weighs heavily on Val’s shoulders. The plot made for a very intense read.

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This review is from: Nyteria Rising (The Thirteenth Series, No. 3) (Paperback)
Nyteria Rising is amazing! And Val is such a badass! This is one of my favourite book series and the third instalment didn’t disappoint. There’s non-stop action, twists at every corner, highly emotional moments and some ace new characters. You can never predict what is going to happen next! I’d highly recommend Nyteria Rising, and The Thirteenth and The Turncoats to anyone who loves to read and loves an adventure!

Jackie Hunter: I couldn’t wait to get my hands on Nyteria Rising, and it did not disappoint, A FANTASTIC Read, just couldn’t put it down. Priscilla from The Readables said ‘Val is on fire!’ Yes, she sure is on fire!

Nyteria Rising picks up where The Turncoats leaves off, it’s a fabulously written, action packed, on the edge of your seat roller coaster of emotion thrilling adventure!

I love the characters old and new, Val is still a fabulous heroine. I can’t pick out a favourite part of the book but, I have to say it brought me to tears in one part and I nearly missed my stop for home while reading Nyteria Rising on the bus!
Hoping we don’t have to wait too long for book four in the series.

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