The Turncoats Reviews

George, aged 14: I got the books when I went to Waterstones to get some books to go on holiday with and met Georgia Twynham. She explained about her books and said about how if you liked Harry Potter you would like this. As a massive Harry Potter fan I decided to buy both the Thirteenth and The Turncoats. The moment I started reading I was immediately drawn into the book. Before i knew it I had finished The Thirteenth and was happy that I had also got The Turncoats. I immediately delved into The Turncoats and now I anxiously await the release of the third book. Both books have a great story that never seems to die down and always keeps you thinking what will happen next. With some great characters and a great plot this is an amazing series so far and I would be willing to pay money to say that the rest will be just as good as the first two.

Rebecca J. M. S: This has to be one of my favourite series! This is the second book in the series and it’s another brilliant one! Val now has to stop Excariot! Not on her own though, she has a new friend (well, he actually her hunter but she’s counts him as a friend) and he’s called Zac Efron, though how he got that name is another thing, it’s one of the funniest parts in the book! I loved the book, and I loved the new character Zac! He’s so funny in his understanding of Earth ways :P I can’t wait until I get my hands onto the next book!!! And I can’t wait until Georgia comes back to Nottingham again :D

Michael Luke Mitchell: Ever find that most young adult books have a slow lagging story that, may have you hooked until the early hours of the morning, however the climax just had you wishing you never bothered devoting time and money, *cough* Twilight *cough*?

Not with ‘The Turncoats’, this book is one of the only books I’ve managed to finish in one sitting, I was warned by a friend that I would not be able to put it down, eight hours later, I was finished. G.L. Tywnham based in my current University-home county of Lincolnshire is just starting to branch out of that ‘local’ author box, due to the growing popularity of ‘The Thirteenth’. Twynham has done it again with it’s sequel ‘The Turncoats’. The series follows Valerie Saunders as she finds out in ‘The Thirteenth’ she was not quite the normal just-turned-eighteen year old girl she thought she was and has a much bigger destiny.

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Paul: Its was great to pick up the story were the thirteenth left of and having Val and all the regulars plus some new characters. Once again the story was gripping from the first page its thrilling and great plot twists as with the first book it keeps you guessing throughout. Cannot wait for the next instalment.

Tiegan: 5 stars! This book is absolutely amazing!! Once you start reading it, it’s like you’re actually one of the characters in the book, which makes it seem like its real :D It’s one of my favourite books, and once I started to read it I couldn’t put it down :3 Can’t wait for the third one to come out now :) Tiegan xxx

Grace, aged 18: I received both books for Christmas and had read them both by 27th December. Both absolutely brilliant. I could not put them down once I had unwrapped them. Val is the total “Butt kicker” all girls want to be. Both books are a definite 5* Awesome.

Georgia: Last year I hadn’t even heard of the Thirteenth but thanks to my sister I have now entered the world of Val and Excariot. As for the The Turncoats, even better than the first :) Finished just as I was about to meet Georgia :)

Kate Youldale: The Turncoats is an absolute gem of a book! Just like when I read The Thirteenth I lost a day of work to it! The story twists and turns with the fantastically real characters never having a dull moment. Val and her ‘scooby gang’ are really believable as people and the dialogue is much more realistic than most books I read even though the subject matter is fantasy based. I’m really enjoying how the the story is developing from The Thirteenth to The Turncoats and really really excited for the third installment to see what will happen to Val and her friends next! :-) awesome job Georgia!!!

Andy: The Turncoats see the triumphant second instalment of The Thirteenth saga. Seeing the return of familiar faces, some good, some bad, and some excellent new faces too! It is a story that grips you from page one and is engaging, enchanting and thrilling with superb plot twists that kept me guessing throughout. As with The Thirteenth I couldn’t put this book down, a fact which kept me up all night and resulted in very bad customer service the next day at work! It engrossed me from start to finish and I greatly anticipate a stunning third instalment.

Jackie: The Turncoats – Fantastic! It pics up exactly where The Thirteenth leaves off, and continues in the same fast paced, action packed way. Val is a Brilliant Heroine, she just dusts herself off, gets back up and gets on with it!

Florence: again, I read ‘The Turncoats’ in a day, and have yet to write a review. Can i just do a one word summary? = Getting better and better and better and better (all the time).. Okay i know it was more than one word but it wouldn’t do it justice! ♥ from me! :) x

Nancy: I actually remembered to write this—lurrved the turncoats x it was really really good can’t wait till the next book now though ;)

Charlotte: I have finally finished the Turncoats! After just over a month of reading, It is done! Bring on number 3 already! Hint hint, hint, hint :D It’s Better than a brain full of Dancing Monkeys :)

Jennifer: Just finished reading both books. took a day! loved em so much couldn’t put em down. Whens the next one due ;)

Jennie: just a few minutes to be able to say the turncoats is a fabulous book even more twists and turns never expected any of it ,couldn’t put it down took three days to finish hurry up with the third one getting withdrawal symptoms lol well done georgia very proud to be called a friend xx

Stuart: Loving The Turncoats! ….Someone not being able to spell their daughters name right on the birth certificate, comic genius, but as if that would ever happen in real life though….

Sky: I loved The Thirteenth and am just about to start The Turncoats! And it was really nice meeting you on Saturday – you raised my expectations that i had of authors :) Congratulations though on both books!

Chris: Finally finished the turncoats! I have to say it’s the best book i’ve read since the thirteenth… It was very action packed and i enjoyed the ending! It only took me 3 days to read it because every chapter wanted to make me read the next. Congrats on the amazing book. :)

Kerry: Ok so i stayed up and read the turncoats last night …one word …WOW i didn’t think u could top book number one u r fab x x