Georgia in Schools

Amazing praise from Sue Miller and the wonderful Aviation Heritage Lincolnshire.

Aviation Heritage Lincolnshire (  is currently in the final year of a 3 year project funded through the Arts Council England via the Department of Education  and works closely with Schools in order to make children aware of their heritage and of the heroic acts of bravery which young men and women performed during times of warfare.  Schools generally use our sites to assist with their history curriculum but we wanted to show how they could be used for other subjects. We therefore asked Georgia Twynham if she could come and run some Creative Writing Workshops at several of our sites with KS2 children. Being a Science Fiction writer, Georgia came up with the title of “Superheroes – Fact or Fiction?” and compared Fictional Superheroes such as Batman, Superman (and her very own Superhero, Val Saunders) with real life Superheroes who fought during WW2.  Each of our sites has their own Victoria Cross medal winners and the ethos of the day was that Georgia helped the children to decide if Superheroes were actually fictional or factual

We invited 10 local primary schools to come along and bring 30 children to a half day session at 4 of our sites. The children were able to look around the site and hear the true stories of real Superheroes and compare them with the superheroes they already knew before going off and inventing their own story about a WW2 Superhero.

The sessions all went down brilliantly – Georgia really inspired the children and made them realise what an enormous sacrifice young men and women made so that they could live their lives the way they do today and that they were real life Superheroes of their time.  Feedback after the event was that all the learning aims of the session were met and exceeded with some unexpected outcomes – one child who was said to be clever but had “gone off the rails” recently was seen to be so involved with the session that he helped others and then sat and read one of Georgia’s novels whilst waiting for the others to finish!

Georgia manages to talk to the children at their level and they want to do their very best to please her. Her love of writing and enthusiasm comes across to all who she meets and makes her unforgettable!  We have received back some fantastic stories and comic strips from the children which we are currently making into a booklet. Some of the quotes we had back from the children afterwards were:

“It was really interesting and full of facts” Oliver

“A great experience” Laurence

“Bursting with entertainment” Raeah

“I would love to go back there” Meghann

“It would be great for a family day out” Holly

 One of the schools stated that the children’s literacy levels had improved greatly since the workshop.

I cannot praise Georgia too highly and would definitely recommend her to any Schools considering using her services.  We were more than happy with the work she did for us.





Thank you to Tarina from Lincoln Young Peoples Book Award for inviting me to LSST today.

Thanks to all the awesome yr 7/8 & 9’s for laughing at my jokes  and thanks to the lovely yr 12-13 for a giggle, and these lovely flowers. Good luck with your exams!


lsst flowers



World Book Week 2014

Working with the Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage.

A huge thanks to Sue, Howard, Peter, Dave and Shirley for all their knowledge and support.

I also had a wonderful day at The Priory Academy LSST  – so big thanks to Emma for that.




2014 Started on a high. William Stukeley Primary School was my first school visit and it was such an amazing day. So a huge thanks to all the teachers and pupils who made it possible.

Miss Underwood